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  • Pelto, B. M., & Menounos, B. (2021). Surface Mass-Balance Gradients from Elevation and Ice Flux Data in the Columbia Basin, Canada. (Frontiers in Earth Science, Link)

  • Pelto, B. M., Maussion, F., Menounos, B., Radić, V., & Zeuner, M. (2020). Bias-corrected estimates of glacier thickness in the Columbia River Basin, Canada. (Journal of Glaciology, Link)

  • Mortezapour, M., Menounos, B., Jackson, P. L., Erler, A. R., & Pelto, B. M. (2020). The role of meteorological forcing and snow model complexity in winter glacier mass balance estimation, Columbia River basin, Canada (Hydrological Processes, Link)

  • Moore, R. D., Pelto, B., Menounos, B., & Hutchinson, D. (2020). Detecting the effects of sustained glacier wastage on streamflow in variably glacierized catchments. (Frontiers in Earth Science, Link)

  • Pelto, B. M., Menounos, B. and Marshall, S. J. (2019) Multi-year evaluation of airborne geodetic surveys to estimate seasonal mass balance, Columbia and Rocky Mountains, Canada, (The Cryosphere, Link)

  • Menounos, B., Hugonnet, R., Shean, D., Gardner, A., Howat, I., Berthier, E.,Pelto, B., et al. (2019). Heterogeneous changes in western North American glaciers linked to decadal variability in zonal wind strength. (Geophysical Research Letters, Link)

  • Pelto, B. M., Caissie, B. E., Petsch, S. T., & Brigham-Grette, J. (2018). Oceanographic and climatic change in the Bering Sea, Last Glacial Maximum to Holocene. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, Link)

  • Pelto, M., Capps, M.D., Clague, J.J., and Pelto, B., (2013), Rising ELA and Expanding Proglacial Lakes Lead to Initiation of Rapid Retreat of Brady Glacier, Alaska. (Hydrological Processes, Link)

Techincal Reports

  • Glaciers in the Canadian Columbia Basin Technical Report (2020). Final report of the Canadian Columbia River Basin Glacier and Snow Research Network, Columbia Basin Trust, Technical Report, Plain language summary

  • Kokanee Glacier Climate Project, 2020, Living Lab Program for Climate Change and Conservation - Final Report (2021)

  • Final Report for Glacier Mass Balance Research Kokanee Provincial Park, 2018-2020, (2020), BC Parks, Park Use Permit 106551

  • Final Report for State of the Parks Report on Glaciers in Glacier and Jasper National Parks, Contract: RC17-3444 Parks Canada (2018)

  • Final Report for Glacier Mass Balance Research Kokanee Provincial Park, 2013-2017, (2018), BC Parks, Park Use Permit 106551

  • Illecillewaet Glacier Mass Balance 2009-2017, Parks Canada, Glacier National Park, (2017)

Panorama: View south from the summit of Mt. Conrad 3290 m, looking into the Bugaboo Spires